DOOM cheats – just in case

Doom cheats

IDFA – Full health, ammo, weapons and armor
IDKFA – Full health, ammo, weapons, armor and keys
IDDQD – Invulnerability (God mode)

IDBEHOLDI – Temporary invisibility
IDBEHOLDR – Temporary radiation suit
IDBEHOLDS – Temporary berserk
IDBEHOLDA – Temporary automap
IDBEHOLDV – Temporary invulnerability
IDBEHOLDL – Temporary light

IDCHOPPERS – Gain chainsaw
IDSPISPOPD – Walk through walls

IDDT – Change map detail (You can see the complete map and the mobs)

IDCLEVxx – Warp to level ‚xx‘ where xx is 01 to 19
IDCLEV19 – Secret level
IDMYPOS – Displays your position and bearing
IDMUSxx – Music select (‚xx‘ is the level who’s song you want)